Antje Campbell

A continuous theme of human connections, their complexities and ultimate beauty, runs through my ever-evolving body of work.

Working in clay has been my passion since early adulthood. I love the process of taking a lump of earth, forming it, carving, firing, adding painterly qualities through slips, oxides and glazes and then having the delightful surprise of opening the kiln and seeing my creation.

I have never tired of the inspiration of the human form and how we relate to each other. My professional experience as a fashion designer is also evident in my use of color and form.

I formerly studied at the Fashion Institute of Design in Los Angeles, but continued classes over a fifteen year period with Betty Davenport Ford, who was part of the contemporary clay movement in Los Angeles.

I was born in Stuttgart, Germany into a family with a rich artistic history. My great grandfather was employed by the local Duke of Saxony for his artistic talents which has trickled down through generations.

I have shown my work in Europe, the U.S. and am currently a co-director of Mission Fine Art Gallery in San Juan Capistrano, CA.


Phone: 949-922-5350