Janine Salzman

“For as long as I can remember, creating an image on canvas has been some of my happiest moments.”

Art is my passion. The thrill of experiencing something beautiful and sharing it with others is magic! I honor my art by dedicating myself to the highest levels of understanding and achievement. It is this passion and excellence that I try to convey in every painting.
I believe art elevates the world. And that when in front of art, we temporarily move away from our own reality into a larger perspective where they find joy.

I spent my formative years in Tunis, Tunisia, in North Africa. I was inspired as a child by the mingled sights, sounds and flavors of the French, Arabic and Sephardic cultures of the Mediterranean seaport. I attended secondary school in Paris and discovered the great Impressionist masters such as Cezanne, Monet and Van Gogh.

After years of disciplined hard work and numerous workshops taught by international contemporary masters such as Jove Wang, C. Hartley, J Mendez, I am fulfilling my dream of being a professional artist.

My love of color are all evident in my impressionistic paintings which are currently featured in the permanent collections of the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach and in private collections across the country.


Phone: 949-310-5649
Email: jsalzman8@gmail.com