Maria Elena Bicer

My imagination, creativity and passions along with my world travels are apparent in my work. I aspire my paintings to be a feast for the eye.

I spend my days painting in a sunlit art studio overlooking the valley in Portola Hills. This picture perfect setting is the realization of a long journey that began many years ago in Argentina where I was born.

Growing up a dreamer with a vivid imagination, my mind was alive with the pictures and subjects that surrounded my world. I abandoned my dreams to formally study art opting to pursue a career that would be better suited for marriage and family. I settled in California with my family in 1985.

It was there that I met Darla Rockwood a well-known artist who convinced me that I was not too old to pursue my dream. Darla gave me an old easel, canvas, brush and a booklet from Irvine Valley College.

A year later my lifelong dream of becoming a painter was materializing as I formally began studying art.

My work is the reflection of my ideals and sense of adventure. My charitable contributions span a wide range of causes. Closest to my heart, is the fight against violence.


Phone: 949-459-2985
Email: [email protected]