Steve Kell

The adventure, the quest, the goal is to lay something on the canvas that embodies the spirit of the scene, as well as the beauty and that is the ultimate satisfaction.

From Early childhood I followed in my mother’s artistic footsteps, filling many drawing pads with Porky Pig or Woody Woodpecker. Eventually, I was awarded my very own pallet and my ticket into a whole new world of creativity.

An army draft notice landed in my mailbox and interrupted plans for medical school. The Air Force seemed like a good idea, since fox holes seemed like a bad idea. So began a flying career that started in Vietnam and ended flying commercially for 25 years. During all those flying years my creative bent never waned.

I moonlighted as a humorous greeting card writer and free-lance magazine cartoonist selling to Cosmopolitan, Saturday Evening Post and Good Housekeeping.

An early retirement allowed me to return full time to the easel. I studied with Leonardo Scarola and various respected Plein Air instructors. Embracing the challenge and mystery of oil paint and light on a two-dimensional surface was life-changing. I’m represented by various galleries and like participating in juried plein air events around the country.


Phone: 949-275-4652
Email: [email protected]