Toni Danchik

It is important for me to stay true to my first impressions and reaction toward the subject and to use expressive brush strokes, strong design, composition and color
harmony as tools to capture the essence of my subject.

I was born in South Africa and currently reside in Southern California; both places continue to inspire and influence me as an artist. I love to paint people, nature scenes and stories of everyday life that we
often take for granted.

Wherever I am, whether walking on a local beach or traveling internationally, I am always looking for that perfect moment in time as subject matter to capture in my paintings.

Africa is in my soul. I am driven to capture the moving scenes of children, many orphaned and abandoned due to the HIV-AIDS crisis. This has lead me to use my art as a fundraising tool for various
organizations including Acres of Love which provides homes for these children.

I have had the privilege of attending many workshops by world renowned artists and have studied under the mentorship of Chinese Master Painter, Jove Wang. This has resulted in winning numerous awards
and being juried into many national and international art shows.


Phone: 949-212-8410
Email: [email protected]