Spending time in the natural environment is soothing to the spirit and studies show that simply gazing at an image of nature can be healing.

During a morning visit to O’Neill Park last spring, I came upon a scene of honeybees collecting pollen from a stand of Matilija poppies. I photographed the bees as I looked up toward the blossoms. The bees competed with each other for space on the yellow-orange poppy stamens. When the bees lifted off, their legs looked overloaded with pollen and almost too heavy to fly.

This summer I began painting pastel compositions from these images. Painting these works was joyful, quick and spontaneous. I layered bold colors to create the shadowy grays, yellows and violets that appeared when morning sunlight reflected on the flower petals of the poppies.

I have recently completed about a dozen pastel paintings in the Bumblebee series. This series is now ready for exhibition. To celebrate the release of this new series, I will donate 15 percent of the sales proceeds to the Xerces Society, a nonprofit group based in the United States that works to protect bee and butterfly populations.

Click below to see a time lapse video of my pastel painting, Honey Bee Mine, from start to finish.

–Elizabeth Wallace

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